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This patented multi-adjustable eyewear is the synthesis of the Flip-up and the TTL systems.
The result is the proximity of the eyepieces to the eyes with a consequent increase in the field of view (as occurs in TTLs) and the possibility for the user to adjust the inter-pupillary distance (as it happens with Flip-up magnifiers), the position of the telescopes on the vertical and also the possibility of tilting them at an angle of your choice.

  • Occhiale-ingranditore-Elspace-Flex


    Elspace Flex Magnifying glasses with Beta Titanium frame: flexible and light in order to be superimposed on the operator's corrective glasses and also equipped with interchangeable optics. Can only be used with galilean telescopes. Working distance: from 250 to 600 mm Magnification: 2x -2.5x - 3.2x Tilt of the eyepieces: 18 ° - 22 ° - 35 °
  • Occhiale ingranditore galileiano Elspace
    Occhiale ingranditore galileiano Elspace


    Elspace galilean TTL Magnifying galilean glasses equipped with removable base 8 and interchangeable lenses. Enlarges any object placed at the indicated focal distance. Working distance: 25 cm - 30 cm - 35 cm - 40 cm - 45 cm - 50 cm Magnification: 2x - 2.5x - 3x CODE: ELG +
  • Elspace flip up prismatic magnifying glasses
    Elspace flip up prismatic magnifying glasses with overturned optics


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    TTL prismatic Elspace Prismatic magnifying glasses equipped with interchangeable optics. Working distance: 25 cm - 30 cm - 35 cm - 40 cm - 45 cm - 50 cm Magnification: 3.5x - 4x- 4.5x - 5x - 6x - 8x - 10x CODE: ELK +