Hyper Corrective Systems

Any object observed at a closer distance forms an enlarged image on the retina, the optical aids that determine these conditions are the high-power positive lenses that are defined as hyper corrective systems. These systems used for reading, take advantage of the angular magnification and in addition, those made with glassy material, l guarantee a superior quality of vision compared to others (organic material).
These devices are similar to bifocal lenses but differ in the lower part: a positive lens with a high dioptric value that allows reading to the visually impaired and for the upper part, which allows the surrounding vision from afar.

The positive lenses used in these glasses can reach up to 32 diopters.

To calculate the centring of hyper corrected lenses in order not to introduce prismatic effects that are harmful to the patient, our laboratory needs to know:

  • the patient’s interpupillary distance from far: both total and partial.
  • The enlargement required for reading (determined with ourReading Test).
  • ophthalmic prescription to use.

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