Corrective lenses in telescopes

If it is necessary to correct a visual defect, on ophthalmological prescription, Esquire can insert corrective intraocular lenses inside the telescopes thus avoiding the need for the operator to use his glasses under the optical unit.
By bringing the magnifier closer to the operator’s eye in this way, an appreciable increase in the field of view can be obtained.

Trifocal System external corrective lenses

When you look up above the magnifying system, the corrective lenses of the magnifying glasses hardly allow you to see well both from a distance and up close. The patented Trifocal System lenses brilliantly solve this problem.
Trifocal System can also be applied to the removable lenses of Elspace glasses and the Evolution helmet.

External corrective lenses

By prescription from the ophthalmologist, Esquire can produce corrective lenses for frames and the exclusive removable corrective lenses for the eyepieces of Elspace glasses and the Evolution helmet. These removable lenses, patented by Esquire, make their replacement simple and inexpensive, if damaged or outdated by a new eye prescription.

The ophthalmology prescription

If the correction of a visual defect is necessary, the presentation of the eye prescription allows for the application of VAT reduced to 4%.

Move Mask M3

Removable nose-mouth protective mask in anti-fog pvc which, with the exception of the Modular Vision line, can be easily applied to all Esquire devices.

The magnetic lace

Wearing, removing and repositioning Esquire magnifying glasses is quick and easy, thanks to the exclusive patented lace with magnetic attachment.

Anti-gravity lace
(patented by Esquire)

The anti-gravity lace cancels the weight of the glasses on the nose and allows you to use the magnifying glasses all day without leaving marks on the nose.
It consists of a circular section that rests on the nape, which is maintained in this position thanks to the two silicone laces of the glasses; to it is connected a metal wire with a diameter of 3.5 mm that extends from the nape to above the forehead, here a metal cord descends on the frame hooking it on the bridge. Lifting the cord and tightening the position reached with a knob cancels the weight of the frame on the nose.

Box containing the products

Upon request, it is possible to apply a personalized label to the box with your own name written on it.