Doc Protective mask

Doc Protective mask

Doc Protective mask

Protective mask with visor that can be superimposed on the magnifying helmets of any brand.
It is distinguished in two models:
DOC if it concerns helmets of different brands.
DOC-E if it concerns Esquire brand helmets.



Unlike most of the visors on the market, which are made of plastic, the Doc protective mask mounts a polycarbonate screen. The choice of this material is made with the aim of ensuring a higher performance for the user in terms of resistance and transparency, and for this reason it is defined as a quality protective mask.


The two models are distinguished only by the type of attachment. The characteristics, on the contrary, are the same:

  • CE certified protective shield: protects against splashes, sprays and flying particles.
  • 180 ° flip-up screen on the nape, in polycarbonate.
  • Adjustable ventilation through the front flap.
  • Screen that closes the visor on the cranial vault with the aim of ensuring greater protection.

Possibility to adjust the advancement or the retrocession of the visor with respect to the face in order to allow the housing of the various types of surgical telescopes.


The package is composed in the same way for both models:

  • A CE EN166 certified polycarbonate protective screen.
  • User manual.


  • Set of 5 CE EN 166 certified protective screens.