Elspace Flex

Magnifying glasses with Beta Titanium frame: flexible and light in order to be superimposed on the operator’s corrective glasses and also equipped with interchangeable optics.
Can only be used with galilean telescopes.

Working distance:
from 250 to 600 mm

2x -2.5x – 3.2x

Tilt of the eyepieces:
18 ° – 22 ° – 35 °



The Elspace magnifier eyeglasses not only consist of a titanium frame that allows you to adjust the inter-pupillary distance but it also guarantees, in addition to this, the extreme proximity of the telescope eyepiece to the eye. Last but not least, are the interchangeable optics that allow the user to independently modify both the magnification and the working distance depending on the operation to be performed. Furthermore, in this way, the purchase of a new product is avoided.

In conclusion, for these reasons, this is a unique product.


  • Beta Titanium frame: light and flexible that allows you to wear the glasses easily.
  • Galilean telescopes with 2x to 3x magnification.
  • Possibility to insert corrective lenses on the telescopes and in the additional frame.
  • Neutral removable protective lenses in base 8 polycarbonate mounted on the eyepieces of the telescopes.
  • Anatomic silicone nose pad adjustable in height and adaptable to the shape of your nose.
  • Patented system for adjusting the inter-pupillary distance.
  • Optical group focused and collimated at the required working distance (focal distance), to be chosen between 30 and 60 cm.
  • Angle of inclination of the telescopes adjusted by choice from 12 ° to 35 ° with respect to the visual axis.
  • Eye/lens (ocular) distance not exceeding 12 mm.



  • Fast patented lace.
  • Rechargeable LED lights. Two different models to choose from: DAYLIGHT which illuminates up to 40,000 lux and SUNLIGHT up to 35,000 lux which offers, more than the other one, higher light quality, sharp contours and top of the range.
  • Removable frame for mono-focal corrective lenses.
  • Removable frame for bifocal corrective lenses in order to obtain the Trifocal System: far, intermediate (music) and near.
  • Magnetic attachment for LED illuminator.
  • Nose-mouth mask.
  • Adjustable anti-gravity lace which aims to eliminate the weight of the optical unit from the nose.

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2 x, 2.5 x, 3 x