Gaia protective mask

Gaia protective mask

Gaia protective mask

Protective mask with overlapping visor and adaptable to any type of surgical glasses, even if equipped to the visual axis with coaxial LED light.
Designed to lighten the weight of the glasses on the nose by unloading it on the cranial vault.



Unlike most of the visors on the market, which are made of plastic, the Gaia protective mask mounts a polycarbonate screen. The choice of this material is made with the aim of ensuring a higher performance for the user in terms of resistance and transparency, for this reason it is defined as a quality protective mask.


  • CE certified protective shield that protects against splashes, sprays and flying particles.
  • Cranial silicone band which is intended to lighten the weight of the glasses by unloading it on the head rather than on the nose.
  • Polycarbonate screen that can be tilted at the nape of the neck at 180°.
  • Adjustable ventilation through the front flap.
  • Possibility to adjust the position of the visor with respect to the face in order to allow the use of various types of surgical glasses.


  • A white visor.
  • A CE EN166 certified polycarbonate protective screen.
  • An adjustable silicone strap.
  • User manual.


Set of 5 CE EN 166 certified protective screens.