Our company has been present on the Italian and international market for over 40 years.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the trust received from its customers, it has become the leading company in Italy in the production of customized and standard magnifying optical solutions for surgical, dental and low vision use.

Esquire has always been looking for the most modern and innovative technologies to offer excellent quality solutions at an extremely competitive cost.

The products are treated in every detail and designed to offer maximum comfort and wearability, also allowing to reduce proximal visual stress caused by close and prolonged work over time.
Esquire, thanks to an eye room, an optical workshop and a mechanic, accompanies the customer in choosing the optimal solution, offering the possibility of carrying out an in-depth optical examination and guaranteeing an after-sales service.

Those suffering from cervical problems can take advantage of a patented system (Angle Vision) that allows you to work while keeping the torso erect.

The magnification system of the 8X or 10X headgear can be used as a replacement for the microscope with lower costs.
Being manufacturers, we can offer every solution starting from 2x to 10x, at the required working distance and with the possibility – upon presentation of the eye prescription – to supply corrective lenses in combination with our systems (with the advantage of using of the subsidized VAT at 4%).

Our laboratory also carries out repairs on enlargers of other brands.